Bharathwaj Palvannan will speak on

Codimension two cycles in Iwasawa theory and elliptic curves with supersingular reduction

Abstract: A recent result of Bleher, Chinburg, Greenberg, Kakde, Pappas, Sharifi and Taylor has initiated the topic of higher codimension Iwasawa theory. As a generalization of the classical Iwasawa main conjecture, they prove a relationship between analytic objects (a pair of Katz's 2-variable p-adic L-functions) and algebraic objects (two "everywhere unramified" Iwasawa modules) involving codimension two cycles in an Iwasawa algebra. The talk will discuss an analogous result by considering the restriction to an imaginary quadratic field K of an elliptic curve E, defined over Q, with good supersingular reduction at p. This is joint work with Antonio Lei.