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Babyseminar - Summersemester 2012

The seminar will take place on Monday4-6 pm, in Room T03 R04 C84.

  Date Subject  Speaker
1 16/04/2012 A little bit of algebra  Rafael
2 23/04/2012 Last definitions  Lars
3 30/04/2012 Preliminaries to the Existence Theorem  Giulia
4 07/05/2012 The Existence Theorem and algebraisation of formal closed subschemes  Philipp
5 14/05/2012 Applications (1)  Lei
6 21/05/2012 Applications (2)  Thang
7   Applications (3)
Cohomological flatness  
Dates are approximatives: if some subject takes more than one session to be enucleate, they may be posponed.
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