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  • Projective flatness over klt spaces and uniformisation of varieties with nef anti-canonical divisor , arXiv:2006.08769
    (with Stefan Kebekus and Thomas Peternell)

    We give a criterion for the projectivisation of a reflexive sheaf on a klt space to be induced by a projective representation of the fundamental group of the smooth locus. This criterion is then applied to give a characterisation of finite quotients of projective spaces and Abelian varieties by ℚ-Chern class (in)equalities and a suitable stability condition. This stability condition is formulated in terms of a naturally defined extension of the tangent sheaf by the structure sheaf. We further examine cases in which this stability condition is satisfied, comparing it to K-semistability and related notions.

  • 1-rational singularities and quotients by reductive groups, arXiv:0901.3539

    This preprint will not be submitted; the results follow easily from those in my later paper ''Rational singularities and quotients by holomorphic group actions'' that appeared in Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa; however, the preprint gives an independent and technically simpler proof in the algebraic case and avoids the technical difficulties encountered in the analytic setup.


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