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Termin: Montag 16-18 Uhr in WSC-S-U-3.02
Dozenten J. Heinloth

Termin Vortragender Titel
04.04.2022 Jochen Heinloth Discussion (on Atiyah-Bott localization)
11.04.2022 Jochen Heinloth Proper quotients by torus actions
25.04.2022 Dario Weißmann Pro-stability of bundles
02.05.2022 Dario Weißmann Pro-stability of bundles II
09.05.2022 Michele Pernice (Pisa) Results about the Chow ring of moduli of stable curves of genus three
16.05.2022 VBAC VBAC-webinar
23.05.2022 Marc Levine Quadratic verions of Aityah-Bott localization
30.05.2022 Mattia Cavicchi (IRMA) Relative motivic decompositions for families with Tate fibers
13.06.2022 (Workshop Edinburgh)
20.06.2022 Jarod Alper Coherent completeness in positive characteristic
27.06.2022 (reserved)
04.07.2022 (reserved)
11.07.2022 (reserved)