Content of the course

The aim of this course is to give an introduction to complex geometry. At the beginning of the course, we will discuss holomorphic functions in several variables. Afterwards, we will introduce complex manifolds and give first examples. After discussing vector bundles and differential forms, we will turn our attention to cohomology theories. We will introduce singular, de Rham cohomology and Dolbeault cohomology. If time permits we will discuss a little bit of Hodge theory.


- Monday 10:15-11:45 in WSC-S-U-3.01
- Wednesday 10:15-11:45 in WSC-S-U-3.01
Exercises (Dr. Martin Schwald):
- Wednesday 8:15-9:45 in WSC-S-U-3.01


For more information, please, see the Moodle page of this course (the password is: Hodge).

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.