Because of the attack on the computer network of the University of Duisburg-Essen, some content (in particular some image files) cannot be accessed because it is stored on central servers of the university.

I haved moved.

Summer term 2022

Algebraic Number Theory IV - Rigid Meromorphic Cocycles

Winter term 2021/2022

Discrete mathematics (GHRGe)

Winter term 2020/2021

Discrete mathematics 1

Winter term 2019/2020

Seminar on Tate's thesis
Seminar on Grassmannian varieties

Summer term 2019

Seminar on semi-simple algebras
Seminar on cohomology of arithmetic groups

Winter term 2018/2019

Seminar on overconvergent modular symbols

Summer term 2018

Seminar on Hida theory
Mini seminar on derived Hecke algebras

Winter term 2017/2018

Seminar on complex multiplication

Summer term 2017

Seminar on automorphic representations

Winter term 2016/17

Lecture course on modular forms

Summer term 2016

Seminar on Galois theory

Winter term 2015/16

Seminar on Harish-Chandra modules and applications

Summer term 2015

Lecture course on discrete mathematics II
Proseminar on linear algebra

Winter term 2014/2015

Lecture course on discrete mathematics I