Algebraic Geometry 2

The Problem Sheet is posted on Wednesday, say of week X, and you have till Tuesday of week X+1 to send your solutions to my e-mail address. To be admitted to the final exam you have to solve correctly at least 50% of the problems.

Problem Sheet 1 (Due by May 2nd, 2017)

Problem Sheet 2 (Due by May 9th, 2017)

Problem Sheet 3 (Due by May 16th, 2017)

Problem Sheet 4 (Due by May 23rd, 2017)

Problem Sheet 5 (Due by May 31st, 2017)

Problem Sheet 6 (Due by June 6th, 2017)

Problem Sheet 7 (Due by June 13th, 2017)

Problem Sheet 8 (Due by June 28th, 2017)

Problem Sheet 9 (Due by July 5th, 2017)

Problem Sheet 10 (Due by July 14th, 2017)