Research seminar: The Lubin-Tate tower and its p-adic cohomology (after Scholze)

Thursday, 14-16, N-U-3.05

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Date Title Speaker
22.10. Formal group laws and formal $A$-modules I Haifeng Wu
29.10. Formal group laws and formal $A$-modules II Barinder Banwait
5.11. Deformations of formal groups I Mihir Sheth
12.11. Deformations of formal groups II Shen-Ning Tung
19.11. The group action and equivariant vector bundles Matthias Wendt
26.11. Adic spaces Wei Chen
3.12. SFB-seminar in Bonn —
10.12. The Lubin-Tate tower of adic spaces Francesc Fité
17.12. The Gross-Hopkins period map Lennart Gehrmann
7.1. The Drinfeld tower Carlos de Vera
14.1. The isomorphism between the two towers Jan Kohlhaase
21.1. Survey of Scholze’s methods and results Ulrich Görtz
28.1. Finiteness Vytautas Paskunas
4.2. Shimura curves and Carayol’s theorem Shu Sasaki
11.2. $p$-adic uniformization and local-global compatibility Massimo Bertolini