Time: Donnerstag, 10 – 12

Room: WSC-N-U-3.05


Termin Vortragender Titel
25.10.2018 Marc Levine Quadratic forms in enumerative geometry
08.11.2018 Louis-Clément Lefèvre Mixed Hodge structures and representations of fundamental groups of complex algebraic varieties
15.11.2018 Matteo Tamiozzo On the cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties
22.11.2018 Ursula Ludwig An Extension of a Theorem by Cheeger and Müller to Spaces with Isolated Singularities
29.11.2018 Shu Sasaki $p$-adic Gross–Zagier formula at critical slope and a conjecture of Perrin-Riou
06.12.2018 Rodolfo Venerucci Reciprocity laws and p-adic L-functions
13.12.2018 Andrea Agostini t.b.a.
20.12.2018 V. Pilloni (ENS Lyon) t.b.a.
10.01.2019 Jie Lin On the factorization of automorphic periods
17.01.2019 P. Scholze (Bonn) Some conjectures on automorphic forms and the cohomology of spaces
beyond Shimura varieties
24.01.2019 Lennart Gehrmann Automorphic L-invariants for reductive groups
31.01.2019 Matteo Tamiozzo t.b.a.