Mathematical interests

I am mostly interested in Iwasawa theory and the equivarant Tamagawa Number Conjecture (in the number-field case). My (incipient) research deals with Stickelberger elements, Rubin-stark elements, Artin L-functions and related concepts.


* Four-month PhD-only seminars at the University of Duisburg-Essen


  • Iwasawa 2019 conference (minicourse days) in Bordeaux, France,


The notes by Keith Conrad make a wonderful read, as does the rest of his personal site.


The following is a list of mathematics-related YouTube channels I particularly enjoy:

  • 3Blue1Brown has some of the best mathematical animations I have ever seen. The content skews towards analysis but touches on other areas too.

  • Numberphile is a source of hundreds of short odds-and-ends videos presented by mathematicians all around the world. They also have extended-format interviews in their podcast channel.

  • standupmaths combines mathematics and humour in a humorously mathematical way.

  • Graduate Mathematics provides advanced lectures in mathematics in physics.