Program: Seminar program Brauer Groups


Date & time: Tuesday 14-16

First session: October 12, 2021

Place: WSC-S-U-3.02 or online

Moodle: There is an electronic classroom for the seminar on the moodle platform. Read backward, the enrolment key needed to subscribe is


Prerequisites: For parts 1. and 2. it is sufficient to have a solid background in algebra. For parts 3. and 4. some prior knowledge of number theory is helpful. Parts 5. and 6. require some prior knowledge of algebraic geometry.

Credits: 9 ECTS for two talks

Content: The Brauer group classifi es the finite dimensional central simple algebras over a fi eld up to equivalence. In many examples, its computation constitutes a non-trivial problem with important applications to number theory and algebraic geometry. The seminar covers the algebraic theory of central simple algebras, the cohomological description of the Brauer group, the Brauer group of local and global fi elds, Brauer-Severi varieties, and Brauer groups of schemes.

Registration: If you wish to give a talk please send me an email and enrol in the electronic classroom. Please indicate possible preferences concerning the talks. The final schedule will be published on moodle in September.