Speaker: Ben Heuer (Bonn)

Date, time & place: November 18, 2021, 4:45 pm, online via Zoom

Title: Pro-étale vector bundles on rigid spaces and p-adic non-abelian Hodge theory

Abstract: In complex geometry, the universal cover of a complex manifold X sets up an equivalence between complex representations of the fundamental group of X and holomorphic vector bundles with flat connection. The first goal of this talk is to explain an analogous construction in p-adic geometry: For a rigid space X over C_p, we use a p-adic universal cover to relate p-adic representations of the étale fundamental group π_1(X) to locally free modules on Scholze's pro-étale site. Such "pro-étale vector bundles" appear naturally for example in the study of p-adic modular forms. 

The construction fits well into the context of the p-adic Corlette-Simpson correspondence, which aims to relate p-adic representations of π_1(X) to Higgs bundles on X. We explain how this perspective can help understand pro-étale vector bundles on the one hand, and gives rise to new "geometric" incarnations of the p-adic Corlette-Simpson correspondence on the other.