Meeting time and place:

We meet on Tuesdays,14-16 Uhr (c.t.), in WSC-S-U-3.01


This semester we will hold a seminar on notions of rationality of algebraic varieties, and related topics, such as aspects of the integral Hodge conjecture, unramified cohomology, . Here is an preliminary outline:


Preliminary Schedule

Lecture 1. 14.4 Giuseppe Ancona: Artin-Mumford paper [AM]

Lecture 2. 21.4 Gabriele Guzman: two papers of Murre [M1], [M2]

Lecture 3. 28.4 Toan Nguyen: paper of Hasset [H]

Lecture 4. 5.5 Adeel Khan: papers of Atiyah-Hirzebruch [AH] and Totaro [T1], Kollár's lemma [K1]

Lecture 5. 12.5 Girja Tripathi: Soule-Voisin [SV]

Lecture 6. 19.5 Jin Cao.: the paper of Bloch-Srinivas [BS]

Lecture 7. 26.5 Lorenzo Mantovani: Colliot-Thélène,-Voisin [CT/V]

Lecture 8. 2.6 Aurélien Rodriguez: paper of Voisin [V3]

Lecture 9. 9.6/16.6 Federico Binda: Paper of Voisin [V1]

Lecture 10. 23.6 Marc Levine: Paper of Colliot-Thélène,/Pirutka [CT/P]

Lecture 11. 30.6 Andre Chatzistamatiou: Papers of Totaro [T2] and Kollár [K2]

Lecture 12. 7.7 Toan Nguyen: Papers of Beauville [B1], [B2]

Lecture 13. 14.7  N.N.: Papers of Colliot-Thélène, Swinnerton-Dyer [CT/SW]


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