Seminar on $K_0(Var_k)$, motivic integration and characteristic classes

Tuesdays WSC-N-U-4.05 16-18 Uhr

This will be an introduction to the Grothendieck ring of varieties and how it has been used in a number of applications, including constructions of motivic nearby fibers and Milnor fibers, relations for Betti numbers and Hodge numbers, as well as constuctions of characteristic classes for singular varieties.

Program of Lectures

1. (16.04-Alessandro D'Angelo) Introduction to $K_0(Var_k)$. Present the material in [§1]{Mustata}. State but do not prove Bittner's theorem, the Theorem of Larsen-Lunt, Poonen's theorem {Poonen} and Borisov's theorem {Borisov}. See also {Blickle}.

2. (23.04-Enzo Serandon) First structure results. Prove Bittner's theorem {Bittner}, the Larsen-Lunt theorem, Poonen's theorem {Poonen} and Borisov's theorem {Borisov}.

3. (30.04-Ran Azouri) Kapranov's motivic zeta function. Follow the outline of [§ 2]{Mustata} , with more details on Totaro's argument [Lemma 4.4]{Go}.

4. (07.05-Chirantan Choudhury) Kapranov's motivic zeta function for curves and surfaces. [§ 3-4]{Mustata}, {LL1}, {LL2}.

5.-6. (14./21.05) Applications to Betti numbers and Hodge numbers: Arc spaces, motivic measures, change of variables formula. This is a survey (without many details) of the results of [§ 2]{Loeser}, [§1-4]{DL00}, [§1-4]{Looij}, [§1-3]{Craw} on this topic. See also {Blickle}.

7. (28.05-Fangzhou Jin) The motivic nearby fiber/Milnor fiber {Bittner1}, [§5]{Looij}, [§ 3]{Loeser}

8. (04.06-Matteo Tamiozzo) MacPherson's Chern classes for singular varieties {MacP}

9. (18.06-Louis-Clément Lefèvre) Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes in the Chow ring {Kennedy}. Discuss as well the formula of Gonzalez-Sprinberg, Verdier for the obstruction class.

10, 11. (02.07-Enzo Serandon) $K$-theory of assemblers and $K(Var_k)$ {Zakharevich1}, {Zakharevich2}, see also {Z}


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Program notes