Masterstudium im Bereich Algebraische Geometrie

Master of Science in Mathematics

Lectures and Seminars

The Essen Seminar for Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic is one of Germany’s top research groups in this area regarding quantity as well as quality. The renowned Institute for Experimental Mathematics completes its thematic range through additional subject areas of algebra and experimental and algorithmic methods. Therefore we are able to provide a Master degree program covering numerous aspects of all these fields.

Here is a list of COURSES.

Language of instruction

All courses are held in English unless German is favored by all participants and the lecturer.
Courses are generally held in English.

International Learning Environment

The Essen seminar has joined the ALGANT consortium. The consortium offers a two-year world-class integrated master course and a joint doctorate program in pure mathematics, with a strong emphasis on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory. Both programs have received the Erasmus Mundus label.


Massimo Bertolini Elliptic curves, Modular forms, $L$-functions, Regulators, Algebraic Cycles
Ulrich Görtz Langlands program, Shimura varieties, Moduli spaces of abelian varieties in positive characteristic
Daniel Greb Birational geometry, geometric invariant theory, Kähler geometry, moduli spaces
Georg Hein Moduli Spaces of Stable Vector Bundles on Curves and Surfaces
Jochen Heinloth Moduli stacks, Geometric Langlands program, Moduli spaces of Bundles
Jan Kohlhaase Representation theory of p-adic Lie groups, Arithmetic of p-adic Moduli spaces
Marc Levine Algebraic Cycles, Algebraic K-Theory, Motives
Vytautas Paskunas Representation Theory, Number Theory, p-adic Langlands program
Johanes Sprang Number Theory, Transcendence Theory