Third party funded projects

Current projects

Research Training Group 2553

Symmetries and classifying spaces: analytic, arithmetic and derived.

ERC Advanced Grant (Marc Levine)

Marc Levine was awarded an ERC Advanced grant within the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union. In this project, he will develop and investigate refined methods of enumerative geometry, where the results of counting problems are given by a quadratic form rather than a natural number. This yields valuable additional information and a clearer geometric picture of such problems over non-algebraically closed base fields such as the real numbers.

Selected past projects (since 2009)

DFG Priority Programme 1786 (Marc Levine, Jochen Heinloth)

The DFG Priority Programme 1786 Homotopy Theory and Algebraic Geometry is coordinated by Marc Levine. In Essen there are projects run by Jochen Heinloth and by Marc Levine within this programme.

SFB/TR 45 (M. Bertolini, U. Görtz, D. Greb, G. Hein, J. Heinloth, J. Kohlhaase, M. Levine, V. Paškūnas, July 2007 – June 2019)

In addition to the University of Duisburg-Essen, the partners of the Transregio-Special Research Field 45 “Periods, Modular spaces and Arithmetic of algebraic Varieties” were the University of Mainz, the University of Bonn and the Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in Bonn. The SFB was established midyear 2007, and ended after two extensions by four years each after twelve years, the maximal period of funding for an SFB, in 2019.

A.-v.-Humboldt-Professur (M. Levine)

Midyear 2009, Marc Levine joined the University of Duisburg-Essen within the framework of an Alexander-von-Humboldt professorship of the same name and is now in the process of building a large-scale research team here at the Essen Seminar for Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory. This chair is the first Humboldt-professorship in mathematics.

DFG-Priority Programme 1489 “Computer-Algebra” (U. Görtz)

In the second three-year period of this priority program of the German Research Foundation, one post-doc position (I. Dan-Cohen) and one doctoral position (project of U. Görtz) were granted.