RTG2553 - Events

Due to the corona epidemy, several things currently work a little differently than they normally do.

Weekly events

During the term, we conduct a number of weekly events, see current events and archive for examples. The core weekly events of the Research Training Group will be our

  • RTG seminar where members of the RTG present their work (Thursday morning, 8-10 times per term)
  • Research seminar where we learn about a current research topic (the topic is decided by vote in the preceding semester)
  • Oberseminar, our weekly colloquium, where an outside speaker reports on her or his results
  • PhD student seminar, a seminar conducted by the PhD students, without any professors being involved or present at the seminar

In addition, depending on how the topics fit with their thesis, students can attend other research seminars and/or specialized lecture courses.

Summer schools

We will have a summer school each year, and in some years maybe a smaller workshop in addition. Some of the schools and workshops we had in the last few years:

Other events

Welcome weekend. In October each year, the PhD students of the RTG will meet for one weekend somewhere near Essen to ease the integration of the new members. (Due to the corona restrictions, this will not take place in October 2020 in the form we hab usually envisioned, but we will have an opening event on-site for the members of the research training group, at least.)

Development of further skills. The University of Duisburg-Essen has a variety of seminars and courses on offer regarding the development of “soft skills” and the career advancement of young researchers. Within the Research Training Group we will hold a workshop on Good Scientific Practice tailored to mathematics once a year.