Postdate 15.05.15-Conferences and workshops 2015/16

Up to now we have 4 conferences and workshops scheduled in the coming year. For details, see our conference webpage.

Post date: 13.11.2014-DFG Project Review: December 17-18, 2014

The review took place on December 17 in the Math building WSC: 9 Thea-Leymann-Str., 45127 Essen. 17 of the 21 projects were accepted for funding, with the funding to start around the beginning of May 2015.


Post date: 10.11.2014-Request for meeting proposals

We are soliciting proposals for conferences, workshops and other types of meetings. In our SPP proposal, we had listed the following activities: 

yearly conference, workshops, compact workshops, "Young Women in Homotopy theory and algebraic geometry” workshops, summer schools. 

Please see the original SPP Proposal for details.

If you would like to submit a request for funding a meeting, please do the following: 

1. Download the budget spreadsheet template and fill it in.
2. Fill in the meeting proposal form.
3. Send an email describing your meeting: the topics to be covered, expected speakers, expected audience and number of participants, and any other information you may think will be useful to: Frau Marina Meinel with subject heading "SPP Meeting proposal". Please attach the budget spreadsheet. 

Sorry for all the hoops you will need to jump through, maybe we can simplify the procedure once we get things running.

The deadline for submitting meeting proposals is January 9, 2015. I and the other members of the Steering Committee will decide about the proposals and let everyone know by January 23.

Important point The meetings will be funded out of the Coordinator project, which will be discussed along with the research projects at our project review on December 17-18. The funds will not be available until May 1, 2015, at the earliest. We will NOT be able to fund any activities taking place before then.

Post date: 10.11.2014-DFG Project Review: December 17-18, 2014

For those who have submitted proposals: Here is a Tex template you can you use for your poster. Here are two more templates in landscape format: Tex template 2Tex template 3. Be sure to download our logo or the Tex file won't run! You should print out your poster in size DIN A1. We will make stands available for putting up your poster.

Post date: 25.07.2014-DFG Project Review: December 17-18, 2014

The submission of project proposals in this round of the SPP is now closed. All those who have submitted a proposal should have received an email from the DFG giving details of the review; if not, please contact Marc Levine.

Post date: 15.06.2014-DFG Project Review

The DFG Project review will take place in Essen on December 17-18, 2014. All those who have submitted a project in this round are invited to meet the reviewers and discuss there proposals with them on December 17. The reviewer will put together their recommendations for funding on the 18th and we should have their response soon afterwards.

Post date: 20.05.2014, 2014-SPP Project applications

Applications are now invited for the first three-year funding period of the programme. Project applications will be accepted by the DFG starting June 3, 2014; applications must be submitted by July 23, 2014. For details on the application process please see the DFG Aufforderungsschreiben and Ausschreibungstext

For some further details on the type of projects that fall into the SPP, as well as other activities that are being planned, please see the original SPP Proposal for the establishment of the SPP.