The Thursday morning seminar will be the “Research Training Group Seminar” where members of the RTG (PhD students, post-docs) present their results. Sometimes, we also have speakers from other places. Depending on the number of speakers and on the proposed topic, a speaker could use one or two sessions.

If you are interested in giving a talk in this seminar, please email me at or simply talk to me at some point.

Currently, the seminar is conducted online. Email for the access information.

Date Speaker Title
29.4.2021 No talk (Spring school )
6.5.2021 Lukas Brantner (Oxford) Lie algebras, deformations, and Galois theory in characteristic $p$
20.5.2021 Lennart Gehrmann Plectic Stark-Heegner points
27.5.2021 Virginie Gaillard What is $(\mathrm{Spf} R)^{\mathrm{rig}}$? (after de Jong)
24.6.2021 Chirantan Chowdhury Motivic homotopy theory of algebraic stacks
1.7.2021 General Assembly of the RTG
8.7.2021 Nils Plewe Cycles in the period domain of marked complex tori
15.7.2021 Presentations by ALGANT Master Students tba
22.7.2021 Luca Dall’Ava Hida theory for Pizer’s quaternionic orders


Luca Dall’Ava – Hida theory for Pizer’s quaternionic orders

In this talk we discuss a quaternionic Control Theorem, in the spirit of Hida and Greenberg-Stevens, considering a generalization of Eichler orders proposed by Pizer. These orders allow higher level-structure at the primes where the quaternion algebra ramifies. In this setting, the Control Theorem recovers Hecke-eigenspaces of rank 2 and no more 1 as in the Eichler case. Time permitting, we will discuss its relation with the $p$-adic triple product $L$-function and the arithmetic motivations behind this study.