Welcome to the home page for the special semester in homotopy theory. 


The special semester will run from April 1 to July 31, 2014

To take part

If you are interested in taking part in the special semester, please fill in the registration form found at Register. You can also send an email to Marc Levine at marc.levine@uni-due.de.

The following dates for the activities and guests are tentative.



Lecture series

Unstable operations in small theories Vishik 10.04-16.04
Basic commutative (motivic) algebra Deglise 24.04-30.04
The foliated topology and foliated homotopy type Ayoub 22.05-28.05
Oriented theories and symplectic cobordism Panin 16.-18., 20, 23.06
Motivic homotopies for fun and profit Østvær 8., 9., 11., 15., 16.07


Motivic homotopy groups of spheres Asok 2.06-6.06

Guest list

NameCurrent AffiliationDates
Aravind Asok USC June 1-June 15
Joseph Ayoub University of Zurich May 21-29
Chetan Balwe TIFR June 1-21
Baptiste Calmès Lens May 12-31
Emanuel Rodriguez Cirone Universidad de Buenos Aires April 1 - July 31
Frederic Deglise University Lyon April 7-May 9
Grigory Garkusha Swansea University June 1-June 21
Thomas Geisser Nagoya 13.-16.6, 3.-14.7
Christian Haesemeyer UCLA July 1-21
Jeremiah Heller M.I.T. June 1-July 31
Marc Hoyois Northwestern University April 1-July 31
Daniel Ishak Universität Osnabrück 3 weeks in April, May, June
Florian Ivorra Université Rennes April 1-July 31
Roy Joshua Ohio State University June 1-21
Wataru Kai Tokyo University May 21-July 31
Nikita Karpenko University of Alberta, Edmonton June 1-July 31
Shane Kelly University of Tokyo 07.06. - 22.06
Amalendu Krishna TIFR April 1-May 23
Alejo Lopez-Avila Universität Osnabrück April 24-May 2
Matthew Morrow Universität Bonn April 1-July 31
Ivan Panin St. Petersburg June 1-July 31
Paul Arne Ostvar University Oslo April 1-July 31
Anand Sawant TIFR June 1-21
Alexander Vishik Nottingham University April 9-April 17
Matthias Wendt University Freiburg April 1-July 31
Chuck Weibel Rutgers University June 30-July 11
Glenn Wilson Rutgers University June 1-21