Oberseminar Winter 2020/21

Die Vorträge finden jeweils donnerstags um 16:45 Uhr im Raum WSC-N-U-3.05 (im Mathematikgebäude ) statt. Directions from the train station.
Der Tee findet ab 16:15 statt.

Alle Interessenten sind herzlich eingeladen!

The seminar takes place on Thursday, starting at 4:45pm. The duration of each talk is about 60 minutes.
Currently the seminar is held online. Email ulrich.goertz@uni-due.de for the access information.
Everybody who’s interested is welcome to join.

Termin Vortragende*r Titel
15.10.2020 Annette Huber-Klawitter (Universität Freiburg) Exponential periods and o-minimality
29.10.2020 Arno Kret (University of Amsterdam) Galois representations for even general special orthogonal groups
5.11.2020 Samit Dasgupta (Duke University) Stark’s Conjectures and Hilbert’s 12th Problem
12.11.2020 Marco Maculan (Jussieu) Affine vs. Stein in complex and p-adic geometry
19.11.2020 Johannes Schmitt (Bonn) Strata of k-differentials and double ramification cycles
26.11.2020 Yukako Kezuka (Regensburg) Tamagawa number divisibility of central L-values of a classical family of elliptic curves
3.12.2020 Mirko Mauri (Bonn) P=W conjectures for singular character varieties
10.12.2020 Salim Tayou (ENS) t.b.a.
17.12.2020 Colleen Robles (Duke) t.b.a.
7.1.2021 Arthur-César le Bras (Paris 13) t.b.a.
14.1.2021 Yue Fan (Maryland) t.b.a.
21.1.2021 Patrick Graf (Bayreuth) t.b.a.
28.1.2021 Moritz Kerz (Univ. Regensburg) t.b.a.
2.2.2021 at 10:15 (!) Henri Johnston (Exeter) t.b.a.
4.2.2021 Sean Howe (University of Utah) t.b.a.