Oberseminar Sommersemester 2015

Die Vorträge finden jeweils donnerstags um 16:45 Uhr im Raum WSC-N-U-3.05 (im Mathematikgebäude ) statt. Directions from the train station.

Der Tee findet ab 16:15 statt.

Alle Interessenten sind herzlich eingeladen!

Termin Vortragender Titel
9.4.2015 Dan Petersen (Kopenhagen) Counterexamples to the Faber conjecture
16.4.2015 Stefan Schreieder (Bonn) The construction problem for Hodge numbers
23.4.2015 ! 10:15 ! Guido Kings (Regensburg) !Different time!: Explicit reciprocity laws and applications
30.4.2015 Helge Ruddat (Mainz) Canonical Calabi-Yau families
7.5.2015 reserviert Complex Algebraic Geometry and Complex Analysis Seminar
21.5.2015 Pierre-Henri Chaudouard (Paris) A support theorem for the Hitchin fibration
28.5.2015 Charles Favre (École Polytechnique) Normalized link of surface singularities
11.6.2015 Stefano Morra Potentially crystalline deformation rings in the ordinary case
18.6.2015 Jean-Francois Dat (Paris) Functoriality of local functoriality
25.6.2015 Alex Küronya (Frankfurt) Newton-Okounkov bodies and local positivity
2.7.2015 N.N. to be announced
9.7.2015 Johannes Sprang (Regensburg) A geometric construction of the de Rham realization of the elliptic polylogarithm
16.7.2015 N.N. to be announced