Research Seminar Algebraic Geometry

Time: Thursday, 14:15-16:00

Room: WSC-N-U-3.05

Topic: The non-abelian Hodge Correspondence (program)

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Termin Vortragender Titel
14.04.2016 Jochen Heinloth Introduction and overview
21.04.2016 Niels uit de Bos Review of GIT
28.04.2016 Anna Piwatz Construction of moduli of semistable bundles
12.05.2016 Matti Würthen Construction of moduli of Lambda-modules
19.05.2016 Chiara Damiolini The differential geometric description of bundles and moduli
02.06.2016 Stefan Heuver Symplectic point of view on GIT and the Yang-Mills equations
09.06.2016 SFB-Seminar (Essen) see
16.06.2016 Michael Wong The existence theorem (Hitchin-Kobayashi correspondence)
23.06.2016 Felix Gora Harmonic metrics and harmonic maps into symmetric spaces
30.06.2016 Tim Kirschner The Corlette-Donaldson Thoerem
07.07.2016 Daniel Greb Conclusion: The moduli spaces are homeomorphic
14.07.2016 Andrea Agostini Fixed points of the C* action and variations of Hodge structures
21.07.2016 N.N. Categorical version of the correspondence