Research Seminar Arithmetic Geometry

Time: Thursday, 10 – 12

Room: WSC-N-U-3.05

Topic: An introduction to derived p-adic de Rham cohomology (program)

The program is based on two preliminary versions of lecture notes by Szamuely and Zábrádi. The final version of these notes is now publicly available here.

If you would like to volunteer for a talk please send an email to jan[dot]kohlhaase[at]uni-due[dot]de

Date Speaker Title
04/14/2016 Gergely Zábrádi General introduction
04/21/2016 Alexandre Pyvovarov Simplicial methods in homological algebra
04/28/2016 Lennart Gehrmann Kan fibrations & the cotangent complex I
05/12/2016 Heer Zhao The cotangent complex II
05/19/2016 Rodolfo Venerucci Fontaine’s computation of differentials of p-adic algebraic integers
06/02/2016 Mihir Sheth Classical p-adic period rings
06/09/2016 Gergely Zabradi Derived de Rham algebras
06/16/2016 Aprameyo Pal Derived exterior powers and derived divided powers
06/23/2016 Adeel Khan Derived de Rham algebras mod pn I
06/30/2016 Lorenzo Mantovani Derived de Rham algebras mod pn II
07/07/2016 Ulrich Görtz Semistable pairs
07/14/2016 Francesc Fité Proof granting the p-adic Poincaré lemma
07/21/2016 Jan Kohlhaase Proof of the p-adic Poincaré lemma