Oberseminar Sommersemester 2016

Die Vorträge finden jeweils donnerstags um 16:45 Uhr im Raum WSC-N-U-3.05 (im Mathematikgebäude ) statt. Directions from the train station.

Der Tee findet ab 16:15 statt.

Alle Interessenten sind herzlich eingeladen!

Termin Vortragender Titel
14.04.2016 Shane Kelly (Freiburg) Motivic homology theories
21.04.2016 Ariyan Javanpeykar (Mainz) The Lang-Vojta conjecture and the moduli of smooth hypersurfaces
28.04.2016 Victoria Hoskins (FU Berlin) Stratifications for representations of quivers and sheaves
19.05.2016 Lukas Pottmeyer (Essen) Heights in the arithmetic of dynamical systems
02.06.2016 Philip Boalch (Paris) Modular differential equations and wild mapping class groups
09.06.2016 SFB-Seminar 14:15-15:45 C. Stroppel (Bonn) p-adic representation theory from a categorification point of view
SFB-Seminar 16:30-18:00 M. Lehn (Mainz) Cubic fourfolds and holomorphic symplectic manifolds
16.06.2016 Rebecca Bellovin (Imperial College, London) “Local ε-isomorphisms in families”
23.06.2016 Christian Miebach (Calais) Schottky groups acting on homogeneous rational manifolds
30.06.2016 Benoît Claudon (Nancy) Linear Kähler groups
07.07.2016 Marten Bornmann (Münster) Deligne-Lusztig Characters associated with Galois Representations and their Reductions mod p
14.07.2016 Sönke Rollenske (Marburg) Geometry and classification of stable surfaces
21.07.2016 Ulf Kühn (Hamburg) On multiple q-zeta values