Research Seminar Arithmetic Geometry

Thursday, 10-12 (c.t.), WSC-N-U-3.05

Termin Vortragender Titel
20.04.2017 Vytautas Paškūnas Some consequences of a Theorem of J. Ludwig
27.04.2017 Qijun Yan Breuil-Kisin windows and Ekedahl-Oort stratification of Shimura varieties
04.05.2017 Shu Sasaki Serre’s conjecture about weights of mod p modular forms: old conjectures, not so old theorems, and new conjectures
11.05.2017 Tom Bachmann Units in Grothendieck-Witt rings and dreams of multiplicative motivic infinite loop space theory
18.05.2017 Andreas Nickel The p-adic Stark conjecture and applications
01.06.2017 Workshop in honour of Peter Heinzner’s 60th birthday
08.06.2017 Alexandre Pyvovarov Some new cases of the Breuil-Schneider conjecture
22.06.2017 Arbeitstagung 2017 in Bonn
29.06.2017 Konstantin Jakob Wildly Ramified Rigid G_2-Local Systems
06.07.2017 Matteo Tamiozzo The anticyclotomic Iwasawa main conjecture for Hilbert modular forms
13.07.2017 Martin Schwald Fibrations of irreducible symplectic varieties
20.07.2017 Carlos de Vera Piquero Pullbacks of Saito-Kurokawa lifts of square-free level and a central value formula
27.07.2017 Aprameyo Pal Generalization of Dasgupta’s factorization formula of p-adic Rankin L-series