RTG seminar (Thursday morning seminar)

The Thursday morning seminar will be the “Research Training Group Seminar” where members of the RTG (PhD students, post-docs) present their results. Depending on the number of speakers and on the proposed topic, a speaker could use one or two sessions.

If you are interested in giving a talk in this seminar, please email me at ulrich.goertz@uni-due.de or simply talk to me at some point.

Date Speaker Title
16.4.2020 N.N. t.b.a.
23.4.2020 N.N. t.b.a.
30.4.2020 Andrea Marrama t.b.a.
7.5.2020 Andrea Marrama t.b.a.
14.5.2020 N.N. t.b.a.
28.5.2020 N.N. t.b.a.
4.6.2020 N.N. t.b.a.
18.6.2020 N.N. t.b.a.
25.6.2020 N.N. t.b.a.
2.7.2020 N.N. t.b.a.
9.7.2020 N.N. t.b.a.
16.7.2020 N.N. t.b.a.