Oberseminar Sommer 2021

Die Vorträge finden jeweils donnerstags um 16:45 Uhr im Raum WSC-N-U-3.05 (im Mathematikgebäude ) statt. Directions from the train station.
Der Tee findet ab 16:15 statt.

Alle Interessenten sind herzlich eingeladen!

The seminar takes place on Thursday, starting at 4:45pm. The duration of each talk is about 60 minutes.
Currently the seminar is held online. Email ulrich.goertz@uni-due.de for the access information.
Everybody who’s interested is welcome to join.

Termin Vortragende*r Titel
15.4.2021 Gérard Laumon (Paris) Derived Lusztig correspondence for gl_n
22.4.2021 Andreas Mihatsch (Bonn) The Arithmetic Fundamental Lemma
29.4.2021 No Oberseminar talk (Spring School )
6.5.2021 Jessica Fintzen (Cambridge/Duke) Representations of p-adic groups
20.5.2021 Chiara Damiolini (Rutgers) Geometric properties of generalized sheaves of conformal blocks
27.5.2021 Jesse Silliman (Duke) Irrational periods of Hilbert Eisenstein series via toroidal compactification
10.6.2021 Christian Schnell (Stony Brook) Degenerating COMPLEX variations of Hodge structure
17.6.2021 Peter Gothen (Porto) A general Cayley correspondence for Higgs bundles and higher Teichmüller theory
24.6.2021 Lukas Braun (Freiburg) Local Cox rings for klt singularities
1.7.2021 Jorge Pereira (IMPA) A global Weinstein splitting theorem for holomorphic Poisson manifolds
8.7.2021 Pol van Hoften (King’s College London) Mod $p$ points on Shimura varieties of parahoric level
15.7.2021 Zheng Liu (UCSB) $p$-adic families of Yoshida lifts
22.7.2021 Fabrizio Andreatta (Milano) On two mod $p$ period maps: Ekedahl-Oort and fine Deligne-Lusztig stratifications