The derived Hecke algebra for dihedral weight one forms

Our goal is to understand the title giving preprint by Darmon, Harris, Rotger and Venkatesh (pdf), in which they verify some instances of a conjecture by and Harris–Venkatesh on the action of the derived Hecke algebra on modular forms of weight one.

Program: pdf

Termin Speaker Title
7.4.2022 Lennart Gehrmann Introduction
14.4.2022 Jonas Franzel Elliptic curves
21.4.2022 Paulina Fust Isogenies
28.4.2022 Nicolas Dupré Supersingular elliptic curves
5.5.2022 Xiaoyu Zhang Analytic theory of modular curves/forms
12.5.2022 Jochen Heinloth Algebraic theory of modular curves/forms
19.5.2022 Luca Marannino Explicit Jacquet-Langlands correspondence
2.6.2022 Manuel Hoff Hecke modules and the Eisenstein ideal
9.6.2022 Johannes Sprang A trace identity for definite theta series
23.6.2022 Jie Lin Higher Eisenstein elements I
30.6.2022 Vytautas Paškūnas Higher Eisenstein elements II
7.7.2022 Ulrich Görtz Proof of the main theorem (in the definite case)
14.7.2022 Program discussion for next term