p-adic Jacquet-Langlands correspondence

We will study a paper of Sean Howe. More information is available on the moodle page . Password is a sensible permutation of JacpidL.

Date Title Speaker
05.11.2020 Introduction   Vytas
12.11.2020 Modular curves over $\mathbb C$ Jie
19.11.2020 Modular Forms   Jonas
26.11.2020 Hecke operators Manuel
03.12.2020 Automorphic representations of $\mathrm{GL}_2(\mathbb{A})$ Paulina
10.12.2020 Quaternionic automorphic forms and the classical JL Xiaoyu
17.12.2020 Serre-Tate local moduli Heer
07.01.2021 Modular curve at infinite level and HT period map 1   Lennart
14.01.2021  Modular curve at infinite level and HT period map 2 Vytas
21.01.2021 Uniformization   Robin
28.01.2021 Double coset as Igusa variety Massimo
04.02.2021 Proof of Theorem B Luca D.