Research Seminar: Condensed Mathematics

In this seminar we will study Clausen and Scholze’s new theory of “Condensed Mathematics”, following Scholze’s lecture notes. The language of condensed mathematics was invented in order to build a nicer framework for analytic geometry, one which unifies both the geometry of complex analytic spaces and the $p$-adic theories of rigid/Berkovich/adic spaces. We will focus on learning the theory of condensed sets/abelian groups/rings, and as an application we will see at the end how to use this to prove coherent duality for schemes.

Program: pdf.

Date Title Speaker
15.4.2021 Introduction Nicolas Dupré
22.4.2021 Condensed sets Xiaoyu Zhang
29.4.2021 No Talk because of Spring School
6.5.2021 Condensed abelian groups Anneloes Viergever
20.5.2021 Condensed cohomology Xucheng Zhang
27.5.2021 Locally compact abelian groups Antonio Mejías Gil
10.6.2021 Solid abelian groups I Manuel Hoff
17.6.2021 Solid abelian groups II Johannes Sprang
24.6.2021 Analytic rings Gürkan Doğan
1.7.2021 Lower shriek functors for solid modules Viktor Kleen
8.7.2021 Discrete adic spaces Bence Forrás
15.7.2021 Infinity categories and globalisation Jochen Heinloth
22.7.2021 Coherent duality Ulrich Görtz