Irrationality proofs of zeta values

In this seminar, we will study Brown’s paper “Irrationality proofs for zeta values, moduli spaces and dinner parties” which gives a conceptional approach to many irrationality proofs of zeta values using period integrals on moduli spaces of stable curves. In the first few talks, we will discuss classical irrationality proofs for zeta values. Afterwards, we will give a short introduction to periods and moduli of stable curves. We will mainly focus on stable curves of genus zero and introduce explicit coordinates on these spaces which are useful for explicit computations. Finally, we will show that one can reprove many classical irrationality results on zeta values using period integrals on moduli spaces.

Program: pdf

Time: Thursday at 2:15 pm.
Room: WSC-N-U-3.05.

We will also stream the talks in a zoom meeting. Please get in touch for the coordinates.

Date Title Speaker
14.10.2021 Introduction Johannes Sprang
21.10.2021 Irrationality of zeta values Luca Marannino
28.10.2021 Nesterenko’s linear independence criterion Marc Kohlhaw
4.11.2021 The comparison isomorphism Aaryaman Patel
11.11.2021 Periods Marc Levine
18.11.2021 Moduli functors and moduli spaces Virginie Gaillard
25.11.2021 Moduli of stable curves Ludvig Modin
2.12.2021 The construction of $\overline{M}_{0,n}$ Andrés Jaramillo Puentes
9.12.2021 Dihedral extensions Chirantan Chowdhury
16.12.2021 Explicit description of $\overline{M}_{0,n}$ Herman Rohrbach
13.1.2022 Configurations and cellular integrals Manuel Hoff
20.1.2022 Convergence of cellular integrals Anneloes Viergever
27.1.2022 Generalized cellular integrals Matteo Costantini
3.2.2022 Back to irrationality proofs Sabrina Pauli